The Society’s membership is open to all individuals and organizations active in and practicing project planning, design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Members are recruited and admitted upon stringent vetting on the basis of proven track record in the above fields.

IProMES has established two different membership categories:

  1. Individual Members
  2. Institutional Members

Individual Members

Membership is open to individuals who meet ANY of the following:

  • A holder of a PhD, Masters or Bachelors Degree in Project Management or any other development oriented degree
  • Excellent track record preparing winning proposals for project evaluations etc
  • Demonstrated technical expertise in implementing M&E performance management plans
  • Any other relevant qualification but subject to an entry exam

Institutional Members

  • The institution must be aware of the formal and legal requirements for conducting project/program management or any other development initiative
  • The institution should have some degree of public interest in the quality of its performance
  • Staff member (s) with knowledge and understanding of Project   M&E, its function and utility
  • Institutional systems conducive to using project M&E
  • Institutions may have to undergo Institutional OCA

An institution could be a bilateral, multilateral agency, company, government, non-governmental organization, CBO or a research/academic institution.

Membership Fees

  1. Individual Registration Fees - US$ 20 (Kshs 2,000)
  2. Individual Annual Subscription – US$ 50 (Kshs 5,000)
  3. Institutional Registration Fees - US$ 50 (Kshs 5,000)
  4. Institutional Annual Subscription – US$ 100 (Kshs 10,000)

To become a member of IProMES, click on the button below and use the form that follows to register your account. Please note you will be required to use your debit card to make payment for the Registration Fees above and Annual Subscription.