IProMES Board of Directors

Board membership consists of eleven members elected during General Assembly meetings, namely:

    • Executive Committee (4) consisting of the chairman, secretary, organizing secretary and treasurer
    • Regional representatives (5) representing countries around the world
    • Institutional representative (2) representing corporate and international organization members of IProMES and academic institutions

IProMES General Assembly

All individual and institutional members constitute the General Assembly.

IProMES Secretariat

A permanent and autonomous Secretariat commenced operations in Kisumu in October 2016, hosted by the University of Nairobi, Kisumu Campus. The Secretariat is currently run by the interim committee. There will in future be IProMES full time staff members. The intention is that, the Secretariat will have grown sufficiently to manage all the activities and functions currently shouldered by the interim committee.
However, members will continue to be active in committees.

IProMES Task Teams

Functions and operations in addition to the responsibilities of the Executive Committee will be structured around IProMES Task Teams. Each task team will be led by a Board member and include 2–5 individual members.